13/089,130 (US)

· Christian J. Kastrup, Ju Hun Yeon, James R. Baylis “Self-fueled particles for propulsion through flowing aqueous liquids” (Filing)

· Noo Li Jeon, Ju Hun Yeon, Qing Ping Hu and Su Dong Kim “Device and method of 3-dimensionally generating in vitro blood vessels” (Filing)


· Noo Li Jeon, Ju Hun Yeon, Su Dong Kim and Yae kyung Cho “Device For in vitro Blood Vessel Formation and a Method For Blood Vessel Formation Using The Same Capable Of Forming Various Shapes Of Blood Container and Blood Vessel Networks” (Granted)


· Noo Li Jeon, Ju Hun Yeon and Qing Ping Hu “In vitro Angiogenesis Device and an in vitro Angiogenesis Method Using The Same” (Granted)


· Je-kyun Park, Hyundoo Hwang and Ju Hun Yeon (KAIST), “Microfluidic Device of Capturing Particles and Method of Capturing Particles Using it” (Granted)


· Je-kyun Park, Ju Hun Yeon and Hyundoo Hwang, “Micro Device for Trapping Microparticle and Method Therefor” (Granted)


· Je-kyun Park and Ju Hun Yeon, “Microfluidic-based Drug Test System and the Method for Testing Drug Using the System” (Granted)


· Sung Gun Lee, Min Yang Yang and Ju Hun Yeon, “Digital Watermarking Method And Digital Watermark Certification Method Utilizing Gene Information” (Granted and Technology transfer)